About Us

When Isaac Schleifer and Moshe Rubin joined forces in 2011, both were coming from very different backgrounds and varied interests. However, they had one important thing in common. Isaac had been raising money for his school and organizations he volunteered for. Moshe was on the building committee of his synagogue whom was trying to put together the funds to complete a much-needed expansion. In both of their experiences they saw how the for-profit world utilizes technology to make things happen and yet they were unable to find existing technology to help them reach their goal in the non-profit world.

They joined forces to fill that gap in Raffle Ready. Raffle Ready enables non-profit organizations to easily garner the support and assistance of membership, friends and alumni to reach the masses and to easily keep track of every aspect of each campaign.

Moshe Rubin

President & Founder
Education: Johns Hopkins University
Degree: Master in Computer Science
Life Experience: CFO of telecom company with $100M+ annual Revenue
Favorite Topics: Number crunching and saving people money
Goal: Enable non-profits to successfully fund themselves

Isaac Schleifer

Vice President & Co-Founder
Education: Merrick School of Business
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Favorite Sports team: Baltimore Ravens
Favorite Causes: Pet & Child related
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite TV show: Shark Tank
Goal: To raise over a billion dollars annually for non-profits

Dovid Kopel

Chief Technology Officer
Favorites: PHP, MongoDB, Debian, V8, BackboneJS, jQuery
Life Experience: Over a decade of experience with computers and programming
Hobbies: Gadgets, Tech, Photography, things that beep
Goal: Make life simpler and more efficient through technology